Hello. I am Neville J. McKenzie, the host of AsiaBizStories.com, here I will be giving Entrepreneurs working in Asia the opportunity to tell their stories.

This latest episode has just been released and is with Graham Brown founder of Asia Tech Podcast an entrepreneur based in Singapore where we have a discussion on “Why You Should Podcast”. Please enjoy it and the  previous episodes.

By listening to these stories, I want other entrepreneurs both new and old to find encouragement to continue with their entrepreneurial journeys throughout Asia.

Learn what others have successfully passed through and are experiencing now in order to achieve future success.

AsiaBizStories will do everything it can to guide you from the moment you are inspired to set off on your Asian Entrepreneurial quest and overcome those moments when all seems lost.

I am on my own entrepreneurial journey and so look to feedback from my listeners and readers. With the entrepreneurs that I meet I will be adding and updating the content that you the entrepreneurs living and working in the Asia continent want.

So stay close by and follow AsiaBizStories.com as we continue on our goal to inspirer.

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