Month: Dec 2014

  • Don’t Stress Over Things You Cannot Control

    My interviews are carried out face to face and until I get to the location I don’t know what the environment will be like. Since my equipment is fairly basic […]

  • Creatures of Habit

    Today I attended the Shanghai Entrepreneurs Luncheon. This is a regularly organised monthly event I have been attending for over a year and eventually gave rise to what I am […]

  • First Presentation of the Project

    Today I was lucky enough to be invited to present to a local company Evergreen Holding Group. They were interested in what I am doing with entrepreneur interviews. They wanted […]

  • The Solution is Out There.

    Since starting interviewing entrepreneurs. There are a lot more sounds around us than we think. This explains the feedback I am getting about the audio quality. Rings, glass tables, car […]

  • The Beginning

    I have never done this before so the challenge was how to begin. It turned out that the beginning after I decided that I was going to do it was […]