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EIA 008 Vision, Plan and Passion


Simon Henry gives a detailed look behind the scene at, an award winning online platform. His first startup after seven startups for others after he and his cofounder identified a blue ocean opportunity in the Chinese real estate industry that is being executed exactly and according to the business plan.

EIA 007 Pioneering Arts Across Cultures

Anna Kuznetsova

Anna Kuznetsova describes the route she took and alternatives to become an art historian and specialist in the art business, and using her experience of linking the Russian and Chinese arts world, relates the opportunities that exist to those willing to take up the challenge of cross-cultural arts projects, the role reputation and connections plays and general advice to just starting out entrepreneurs in any field.

Russian Union of Artists website:

EIA 006 Motivating by Example



Karen Farzam

Karen Contet Farzam discusses her role in two startups that motivates and encourages others by her example, ’Women Who Code HK and W Hub’, insights into what it takes to switch industries and career path, her approach to maintaining a rich balance to all aspects of life, and advice to just starting out entrepreneurs.

EIA 005 Mobile Hotel Booking Challenges

Raphael Cohen

Raphael Cohen is an entrepreneur that specialises in the development, implementation and support of new internet companies in Asia. In this episode he gives insights into the challenges faced when creating a startup in the Hotel Booking industry and gives advice to just starting out entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs Breakfast: How do I Market My Business?


The Entrepreneurs Breakfast (Shanghai) is the informal mentorship event organised by Entrepreneurs Asia Entrepreneurs are given about eight minutes to present their business, talk about your current challenges Other entrepreneurs will then ask questions, challenge the model, provide honest feedback and give suggestions on how to solve problems.

Regular attendance allows entrepreneurs to become accountable for their progress.

One of the most common themes discussed is; how do I market my business?

If you are an entrepreneur with a low budget, I would suggest you look at the online tools available and you learn how to use them. Finding good, reliable and available technical people is very difficult generally in any developing market. They usually have their own projects or are being well paid by someone else.

If your project doesn’t take off and you are between ideas you can always become one of the technical people for someone else.

Listen to one entrepreneur get the Entrepreneur Breakfast treatment.

EIA 004 The Return of the Super Consumer

Michael Zakkour

Michael Zakkour, is an author, writer, public speaker and lecturer. In this episode he talks about his latest book “Chinese Super Consumers” and the influence that they are around the world, as well as general insights and advice that can help business formulate their strategy.