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EIA 031 WordPress to Improve Business; Basic Website Security

Mark Linkedin
Mark Kay

Mark Kay is the CEO and Founder of MJ Creative Ventures; a company that specialises in providing mobile friendly, SEO optimised websites for Small Business owners and non-profits.

This is a follow on from the previous podcasts where we discuss how small business owners can develop their websites in order to improve their business. In this episode Mark takes a look at the making a website mobile friendly and helps us to understand better some of key features and terms that newbies should be aware of.

  • The basic security issues that a business should be aware of
  • How a business owner can protect and reduce the chance of an attack
  • Preparation for the attack so what preparation should an
  • What to do after the attack
  • A recent case of an attack and what happened
  • How an attack slows down a website
  • Are there any other examples of that you can give us
  • How latest software and plugin versions affect an attack
  • Once someone has got in what to do?

EIA 030 Design Passion Leads to Creative Business

Amy Picanco Episode 030
Amy Picanço

Amy Picanço, Is the Managing Director and Founder of Aym Designs. An interior design startup based in Singapore. At heart Amy is a creative but is just as passionate about the business aspects of running a startup. This insightful and balanced approach is the key to why Aym Designs is making steady consistent progress in the Interior Design Industry and after only three years has already started expanding into other Asian markets.

“If you are going to start your own business you have to realise that you are starting a business, and no matter what I think the business that you are in, and no matter what industry you still have all those BUSINESS things that you as the founder need to be able to do.”

During the conversation Amy describes being a Managing director and founder and touches on the following:

  • The lead up, suitability and key moments to becoming an Interior Designer
  • How old buildings and Battersea Power Station triggered her interest
  • The cultural diversity of Singapore presenting opportunities
  • The service and how it is provided to commercial clients that enhances productivity, reflects brand identity
  • Finding the ideal client is
  • Incorporating Singapore’s Paranakan Heritage into her favourite project and overcoming the challenges
  • The process of interior design, and doing the extra to help the client
  • The limitations and benefits of open plan vs. the cubicle space
  • The four elements required for a co-working space
  • Creative benefits of working in Singapore vs. the UK
  • The least and most enjoyable aspect of being an Interiors Designer
  • Aym Designs own office environment and it’s affect on people
  • Advice for an entrepreneur moving from home to the first office
  • Clients and their relationship to the business location
  • How to tell the customer that it’s not going to work and how to make it easy to do
  • The future direction of the company and steps to going international and being realistic with your dreams,
  • The key ingredients to running an Interior Design business and the approach taken as a founder and General Manager and the enjoyment being an entrepreneur can give
  • Finally the importance of the team and placing trust in its members and partners