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The Pod Spot at the Crane

This Thursday (26 November 2020) I will be one of the panelists at the Crane’s Pod Spot.
The link to free sign up:

The Pod Spot is a casual social event for both aspiring and experienced podcasters to connect within our community. Come and experience Crane Radio as we celebrate the launch of our platform and share more about the support we’ll provide our future podcasters. It’s an open house, but with more fun and oomph!

This event starts at 6pm with an introduction to 2021’s Projected Podcast Trends in the US and Singapore, then a panel of pod professionals will shed light on their podcasting journeys. Interested parties may sign up for a 5-10min slot to share their ideas during or after the panel session.

Light refreshments will be provided. Registration is free and all are invited!
Satay and Taco Night would be going on at the same time too!

Visit the Crane


EIA 054 The Hive Podcast Series Learning to Podcast

Erin Soutar at the Hive
Erin Soutar

Erin Soutar of the Hive Co-working Space Lavender Podcast studio in Singapore reverses the roles on Neville J McKenzie as he is the one discussing his thoughts on podcasting. The Hive has allowed AsiaBizStories to share the podcast on it’s platform. As Neville talks about the topic of podcasting generally.

From using podcasts in education

Neville: So then you’re not asking students to sit down and read or watch videos in the class. You’re actually sending them to a website or a podcast and saying, read listen to this then when we come into the classroom we’ll discuss what you’ve learned from it.
Erin: It certainly sounds like a better way of learning I suppose we just need to convince the parents now.

Building a community around podcasting

Neville: I find them very interesting. I get to meet a good range of people because podcasting crosses all sorts of boundaries and this is where I hope that we can build a community, because it’s not, it’s not about the competition between podcasters, because there’s and I think there’s a niche for everyone that is interested in podcasting.

In this conversation Neville gives a brief insight into the potential, and changes Erin’s mind on a few beliefs about podcasts and podcasting.

So now without further delay lets begin.

As well as:

  • Entrance to the world of podcasting in China and entrepreneurship.
  • A perspective on how the senses relate to podcasting
  • The challenges faced by podcasters.
  • His role in encouraging potential podcasters to give it a go.
  • What makes a successful podcast
  • What it means to build a community around a podcast.
  • The growth of podcasting in Singapore
  • Advice on the first steps to becoming or improving as a podcaster
  • The mind set of a podcaster
  • What effort and operating costs are involved in podcasting
  • Key points to consider when choosing where to hosting a podcast
  • What to focus on when building your audience
  • What to prioritise in order not to make a bad podcast
  • Engaging the youth with podcasts
  • Using podcasts for education and blended learning and the need to convince parents and students.
  • Convince Erin that she should not feel guilty about listening to free content and why it is good for the content producer
  • What podcasts listened to and used
  • Inform Erin that there is a podcast out there for every listener, you just have to find it.
  • Up and coming projects at the Hive Lavender.
  • How and why subjects are selected for the AsiaBizStories podcast series