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How to Participate in the Boom of the F&B Market in China


Panel Discussion: This discussion looks at what it takes to move from your home market in Europe, based in Germany to compete in the coffee boom that has now reached China. The Chinese coffee industry is a fast niche of the catering and commercial industry. How can CUP&CINO enter into this market segment with a product and sales concept and participate in the growth? Listen to the assembled panel of our experts from China and join in the discussion! Moderator: Adrian de Riz, Head of Business Development, West meets East Business Consulting Keynote and Sponsor: Sven Keysers, Director International Business, Cup & Cino Panel Members: Fabian Berndt, Founder and CEO, Hannover Coffee, China Maik Juengst, Founder, Maik´s Gourmet, Shenzhen Kerstin Kaehler, Branch Manager Qingdao – German Centre Shanghai

How to Participate in the Boom of the F&B Market in China, July, 22nd.


The next China-Team webinar is scheduled for July 22nd, starting at 3:00, and the title is how to participate in the boom of the Food and Beverage market in China. Here’s a taster of what you can expect from past webinars.

Zoltan Nemeth: “I’m really excited to hear from our experts, how a well-designed manufacturing execution system can support your business.”

Florian Weihard: “In 10-year high-tech machinery companies will be split into two categories. The ones that successfully apply AI on the production data of their machines, and the ones that go out of business.

So that’s How to Participate in the Boom of the F&B Market in China, July, 22nd.

This webinar is sponsored by CUP&CINO