EIA 024 Pawn Makes Sustainability Fashionable

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Jane Jia, Jia Wenting

Jane Jia, AKA Jia Wenting is the founder of Pawnstar, Shanghai. As sustainability, recycling and upcycling become more main-stream Jane positions herself as a pioneer in the changes that are taking place in China by breaking the negative traditional view of second hand clothing and goods in the Middle Kingdom. Passing through the Pawnstar consignment store are great quality high-end fashion items at vastly discounted prices.

In this conversation Jane helps me to understand the world of the high-end fashion consignment.

Jane tells us how as a girl she would ask other girls for their unwanted clothes and carry plastic bags with her to avoid waste. Her constant laughter is an expression of how much she enjoys what she is doing as she tells her story

“When I was a kid I hated plastics so much, when polyester became very popular in China I just couldn’t bear it”

  • Her background in software design and energy management for government departments and starting a company at the age of 26.
  • Her career switch to recycling and sustainability lifestyle based on her childhood and work experience.
  • A look behind the scene at the running of the Pawnstar consignment shop, which is follows on the examples of similar shops found New York’s Manhattan Island and Central London’s Camden.
  • How to use the technology platforms, WeChat and TaoBao, available in China as business tools to connect with your customers.
  • The issue of fake goods being sold online and quality control.
  • The Monday Carnival free give-away that creates positive online revenues
  • The reaction of her family, friends, peers and other people feel about what she does.
  • How she sees the future of the recycling, upcycling industry in China.
  • The range of items varies from unusual prints to high-end fashion.
  • As well as advice to those that wish to follow in her footsteps.


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