EIA 065 Chris Pardey’s Journey Through Sports, Charity, and Business

Chris Pardey

Chris Pardey is the Brunel Alumni Association Representative in Singapore. Chris grew up and was educated in the UK. He has spent over 40 years working in the commodities industry. Spending 20 years with one company, working in the UK, Switzerland and Germany.

His move to Singapore saw him eventually being in the right place at the right time co-investing in a company and taking the role of CEO/Director.

“the banks like to spread their risk em and so it’s you know so it I think our Peak we were we were borrowing around 350 million dollars”

After cashing in, again, at the right time, he is currently Head of Agribusiness at R1 International PTE LTD.

From the beginning he has been a sports enthusiast starting as Captain of the Brunel University Football team and member of the Cricket Team, he now makes time to watch sports of all kinds. He links his work, love of sport, Brunel Alumni Association and current students to his charity work as Trustee with the Bali Sports Federation.

So it’s basically been my initiative with Brunel but it’s partly what the University alumni is looking to achieve in terms of providing work experience opportunities for students ”

As Well As:

  • 0:02:05 Chris Pardey introduces himself.
  • 0:02:10 Over 40 years of experience in the commodity business and living in Singapore since 2005.
  • 0:02:21 His passionate for sports and involvement in charitable activities in Indonesia.
  • 0:02:31 Becoming the Brunel alumni representative in Singapore.
  • 0:03:13 Chose an international career for job opportunities and to experience Asia.
  • 0:03:40 Passionate about football and cricket, ran a football team in Singapore.
  • 0:05:09 President of Brunel Alumni Association.
  • 0:05:35 Creating the association and the connection to Brunel’s 50th anniversary and his reason.
  • 0:09:44 His commitment to the Bali Sports Foundation, and the provision of sports opportunities for disadvantaged individuals in Bali.
  • 0:10:38 Creating the link between Brunel and BSF.
  • 0:11:20 The role for Brunel students within BSF from 2016, and the two years due to COVID-19.
  • 0:12:16 The commitment BSF places on students for the charity and helping disabled individuals in Indonesia.
  • 0:18:35 Chris’s after university, selected based on his involvement in sports.
  • 0:18:57 His Work for 20 years in Geneva, Germany, and the UK, before he moved to Singapore.
  • 0:19:01 Investing in RCMA with two colleagues, a commodity business and taking the role of CEO then selling in 2018 to a Chinese company.
  • 0:19:46 Getting lucky and diversifying into other products and services
  • 0:20:33 His current role working for another Chinese company.
  • 0:21:58 The risk involved in taking on the role of CEO and learning along the way.
  • 0:23:44 Why the business needed to deal with the 12 different banks.
  • 0:24:52 Asking for money from the banks, relationships and not being nervous.
  • 0:27:20 The reasons for selling and the outcomes for everyone involves.
  • 0:28:17 Being able to walk away from the business.
  • 0:28:40 Thanks to Chris for a great chat
  • 0:28:42 If you have interest in the Brunel Alumni Association, are a Brunel student looking to get involved with the Bali Sports Foundation reach out to Chris on LinkedIn or visit the webpage.

Contacts and Links Mentioned:

Brunel Alumni Association

Bali Sports Federation

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