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My name is Neville J McKenzie I’m a podcaster and a podcast producer. I’d like to introduce a project that I’m working on, called, AsiaBizStories—Entrepreneurs In Action. My background is as an electrical and electronic engineer, and my first job was a RADAR  test engineer. I then moved on to computers and Information Technology Systems.

In 2002 due to the Dotcom Crises and a desire to do something new and different I move to China to teach. Among the subjects I taught were Intercultural Communication, Foreign Trade, Advanced Reading, Intensive Reading, Extensive Reading and Writing. After teaching for 5 1/2 years I moved to Shanghai where I studied Chinese full-time for two years at the Shanghai International Studies University.

It was while in Shanghai that I started working for German manufacturing consultancy that specialised in the automobile Industry. My next job was with a Chinese electronics company before moving on to a startup joint venture between Chinese, UK, Indian, and Dutch companies.

It was while at the joint venture that I became involved with the entrepreneur community in Shanghai. There were a number of meet-ups where seasoned entrepreneurs would present. It was whilst at a particular presentation, I approached the organiser and I ask would he mind if I had a conversation with the presenter which I would then place on his online magazine. He agreed and it wasn’t long before AsiaBizStories—Entrepreneurs In Action was born. The conversations I had were with entrepreneurs in China, Hong Kong, and India.

In 2016 I moved to Singapore and have continued the interview series with entrepreneurs in Singapore and the Philippines. Recently there’s been an increase in interest in podcasting both internationally and locally. I’ve been encouraging and helping podcasters and in one particular case I’ve helped a podcaster that had never published before to publishing her first three podcasts. If you’re an individual, a micro business, an SME or corporate and would like to find out more about podcasting. You can contact me on AsiaBizStories.com. Or you can send me an email to njm.

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