The Pod Spot at the Crane

This Thursday (26 November 2020) I will be one of the panelists at the Crane’s Pod Spot.
The link to free sign up:

The Pod Spot is a casual social event for both aspiring and experienced podcasters to connect within our community. Come and experience Crane Radio as we celebrate the launch of our platform and share more about the support we’ll provide our future podcasters. It’s an open house, but with more fun and oomph!

This event starts at 6pm with an introduction to 2021’s Projected Podcast Trends in the US and Singapore, then a panel of pod professionals will shed light on their podcasting journeys. Interested parties may sign up for a 5-10min slot to share their ideas during or after the panel session.

Light refreshments will be provided. Registration is free and all are invited!
Satay and Taco Night would be going on at the same time too!

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