EIA 036 Supplier and Client Fighting for the Seller Part II

FocusDigit Team
FocusDigit Team

Shubham Barat, Anushka Singh, Anchal Gupta and Vipul Srivastava are four of the staff members that work with Abhinav Sharma the CEO and Tanisha Chawla the COO, of the startup FocusDigit. An eCommerce platform that provides sellers with end-to-end solution to reach their customers online across multiple channels. In the previous podcast “Supplier and Client Fighting for the Seller” (EIA 035) Abhinav and Tanisha discussed FocusDigit and if you haven’t listed we suggest you do. All six live and work in Dehli, India and represent the growing number of entrepreneurs that are building companies successfully out of India to challenge on the world stage.

During the first part of this podcast we get insights from Shubham, Anoshka, Anchal and Vipul four members of the execution team. In the second part we continue where we left off in EIA 035 with Abhinav and Tanisha revealing more of what is driving their success. Following on from Tannish’s the revelation that Abhinav’s kept and from who in the first 6 months, in EIA 035, Abhinav reveals Tanisha’s secret passion, which she is finding difficult to indulge in due to her commitment to the startup.

“Adding to her persona she plays…”

The dynamic and humorous relationship between Abhinav and Tanisha is still apparent.

As well as:

  • Shubham Barat, Anushka Singh, Anchal Gupta and Vipul Srivastava describe their roles and some of the task required in FocusDigit.
  • What employees look for in a company
  • Abhinav reveals another source of income.
  • International and local coworking spaces in Delhi.
  • Abhinav and Tanisha reveal weaknesses and what they do or plan to do about them.
  • Employee expectations from management
  • The competition, execution and the business environment and Blue Ocean.
  • FocusDigit’s approach to meetings with customers.
  • Advice to those following in the Startup arena.


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