EIA 035 Supplier and Client Fighting for the Seller

Abhinav Sharma & Tanisha Chawla


Abhinav Sharma is the CEO and Tanisha Chawla is the COO, entrepreneurs of the startup FocusDigit. An eCommerce platform that provides sellers with end-to-end solution to reach their customers online across multiple channels. Abhinav and Tanisha live and work in Delhi, India and represent the growing number of entrepreneurs that are building companies successfully out of India to challenge on the world stage.

During the conversation Abhinav and Tanisha reveal what makes them a successful team, based on their knowledge and experience with a touch of humour. Tannish also reveals the secret that Abhinav’s kept and to who in the first 6 months of the company,

“Six months later he actually broke the news to her.”

In the podcast Abhinav reveals Tanisha’s secret passion, which she is finding difficult to indulge in due to her commitment to the startup. Abhinav and Tanisha also kindly allowed me to talk briefly to other members of the company, which is why the podcast is over two episodes (EIA 035 and EIA 036).

As well as:

  • Abhinav Describes his entrepreneurial journey that started when he was still a student to earn money.
  • His early failure because of his lack of maturity.
  • The start of his passion for retail industry.
  • Tanisha’s conventional educational path before breaking away and turning a hobby into a business and realising it was not what she wanted to do.
  • Her father’s entrepreneurial influence and working in the family business.
  • How supplier and client came together to help build the business.
  • What occurs on the bad days.
  • The source of the difficulties they face.
  • Spending zero on marketing and still grow the business.
  • Being operationally profitable in a year and a half.
  • Starting in a basement.
  • Where to recruit and what to look for and the key qualities in a startup employee.
  • An Indian’s approach to working internationally with colleagues.
  • The problems faced and working to the rules of my company.
  • The support of family, single mother’s influence, secrets, and an entrepreneur as a father role model.
  • The madness of being an entrepreneur and the shift from the old rat-race to the new.
  • As we are in India we have a cricket anecdote to discuss failure along with a Hindi saying for the road to profitability.
  • The entrepreneurial game of short-term gain vs sustainable long-term business.


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