EIA 034 Experience and Opportunity Creates the Training Solution

JC Sekar
JC Sekar

JC Sekar is a cofounder of the startup AcuiZen. A startup that is looking at simplifying training and empower a dynamic and dispersed workforce. JC as he is know has after a career that spans 3 decades in the corporate world decided to take the plunge and become an entrepreneur. This is based on the belief that a career interacting and working closely with customers across different sectors and geographies has enabled him develop the skills to uncover unstated pain points. To then create and conceptualise solutions and produce new service offerings.

During the conversation JC revels his thoughts and experiences as one member of a team of cofounders in a thoughtful and controlled manner. Find out in this episode some of what it takes to make the jump after thirty years from the corporate world to entrepreneur.

“I keep telling people that this is probably a startup which somebody out of college would not have come up with because it’s really a distillation of my experiences together with that of my cofounders”

“my company believed that it was pointless to go and waste your effort with so many small companies”.

As well as:

  • A career that spans several continents, industries, public and private sectors.
  • Gaining experience through changing rolls within a company and between companies
  • The conversation with a senior parliamentary secretary at the World Safety Congress in Germany that was the genesis for the startup
  • The different decisions that small and medium local businesses compared to large multinational businesses have to make when deciding who to serve.
  • Singapore’s businesses need to look to the world for their market after starting with the home market.
  • The relationship between protection, comfort; the talent from China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and going international.
  • Where the opportunity lies for his startup with “Point of Need Learning”.
  • The cofounder structure and how developers are selected
  • Deciding the focus now is Singapore but what about India, the Middle East, China the USA and Europe?
  • Dealing with the cultural diversity of Singapore.
  • The weekend sacrifice his family has made.
  • The advantages of becoming an entrepreneur when he did.
  • Making money and when to look for outside money.
  • The process of the startup refining the product.



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