EIA 033 We Launch in Three Hours!!!

Adeesh Agarwal

Adeesh Agarwal, is the founder of the startup dKreator, a furniture marketplace personalised to a buyers preferences. It applies data science to connect buyers ‘likes’ to a sellers products. Its aim is to get buyers to collaborate, discover products and social proofs, manage their budget and buy the product using its online platform. Adeesh has diverse experience in many roles and by following his path you can see how the dots connect architecture, real estate and healthcare, which lead to him becoming a consultant and then a Business Development Advisor, the final stepping stone into the perilous world of his own startup.

During the conversation Adeesh revels quite unexpectedly that things are not going to plan as a major disaster is taking place. His manner shows that the experience he has gained allows him to take it in his stride as he looks into the future to find solutions with a positive frame of mind. Find out in this episode how when bad things happen you should behave.

“All of that to get to where we were three hours prior to launch. To give it all away just because one person is off the grid. Doesn’t make sense to me. And honestly, I don’t have a Plan B.”

As well as:

  • The links between Architecture, Real estate, medical devices and finance come together to make and entrepreneur.
  • Looking back with fond memories at the secure company job with Medtronic.
  • The founder is full-time and everyone else is part-time.
  • Disaster strikes when you least expect.
  • Ask yourself, how would you handle the situation?
  • Challenges and building things makes you look past the temporary disaster with a positive look to the future.
  • Family support and where it leads
  • Insights into an online startup: how to measure success, knowing what you want to achieve and how to test the market.
  • Finally a mention that bigger startups have fallen.


dKreator website

Adeesh Agarwal on Linkedin