EIA 032 The Challenge: the Entrepreneur Who Makes the Hotel Industry’s Environmental Sustainability Real

Muriel Boutin-Becuwe

Muriel Boutin-Becuwe, is a Co-founder of PAPAYAPATHS and Originator of the H3Rs Giveaways Program, a business focused on environmental sustainability and social impact. Muriel previously worked for Schlumberger in North and South America, Europe and Asia, learning a great deal in her various roles. Now an entrepreneur based in Singapore we spoke together a few weeks before the official launch of the PAPAYAPATHS web platform. During the conversation Muriel reveals part of her journey and what it takes to bring her vision to reality covering many aspects of the entrepreneurial journey, and to bring the vision into reality of enabling the Hotel industry meet the growing demand for sustainability by facilitating access to best in class pre-validated green solutions that can demonstrate positive returns to all stakeholders.

In this conversation Muriel reveals the determination and some of what has been overcome to make her vision a reality.

Muriel talks about the decisions she made to leave her native France for the US, being employed by a major MNC. How the dream to challenge herself to create a Business focused on environmental sustainability and social impact grew to the point in her life when she made it happen.

“If you work alone you’re doomed. You have to surround yourself. So surround yourself with the right people. Filter out the toxic people. Be patient and have faith, don’t give up.”

As well as

  • Graduating then looking forward and choosing to leave for the USA to be employed by Schlumberger
  • The mayhem of divorce, moving, death in the family and leaving your job for a startup occur at the same time
  • Beginning the dream with a cofounder with the same ideals
  • Carrying on when her cofounder had to step down
  • Making the decision to sell up, move house in order to save the business
  • How to include children in the important decisions that need to be made and spending time with them.
  • What the Angle that believes in you is willing to do to help you establish the business dream
  • What she learned from applying for government grants in Singapore compared to other countries
  • The role of interns partners and sweat equity
  • How to select and reject Hotels, NGOs and Do Good Organisations to join the H3R platform
  • Controlled grow and a hint of the future objectives
  • Surrounding yourself with the right people and removing toxic people from your life
  • What was learned working in the different cultural environments of North, South America, France and Asia and getting results
  • Who, where and how to spend time with do deal with the ups and downs of entrepreneurship
  • Reveal a possible cure for insomnia
  • Who and where inspiration comes and the result of coaching
  • How to get over screw-ups and the difference between a community and a network
  • Wishing and knowing that the clock can’t be wound back and what to do about wasted time in the future
  • Setting goals and measuring progress
  • Advice if anyone is thinking of creating a startup business




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