EIA 031 WordPress to Improve Business; Basic Website Security

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Mark Kay

Mark Kay is the CEO and Founder of MJ Creative Ventures; a company that specialises in providing mobile friendly, SEO optimised websites for Small Business owners and non-profits.

This is a follow on from the previous podcasts where we discuss how small business owners can develop their websites in order to improve their business. In this episode Mark takes a look at the making a website mobile friendly and helps us to understand better some of key features and terms that newbies should be aware of.

  • The basic security issues that a business should be aware of
  • How a business owner can protect and reduce the chance of an attack
  • Preparation for the attack so what preparation should an
  • What to do after the attack
  • A recent case of an attack and what happened
  • How an attack slows down a website
  • Are there any other examples of that you can give us
  • How latest software and plugin versions affect an attack
  • Once someone has got in what to do?

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