EIA 046 Feed Camp 2018 Part 1

Virginia Cha and Patricia Lim
Virginia Cha and Patricia Lim


Virginia Cha and Petrina Lim discuss Feed Camp 2018. Virginia Cha, professor-in-residence at Platform E and Petrina Lim, Head for the Centre for Applied Nutrition at Temasek Polytechnic. Feed Camp 2018 is an initiative orgainsed at PlatformE in which Virginia and Petrina are key participants.

The issue as thought out by Virginia.

            “Wondering out loud, you know we’re going to be something like 9.7 billion people on this earth very soon in the next 20-30 years…”

And technical guidance from Patrina

            “So that’s targeting the food manufacturing sector, also the food service sectors as well, and trying to encourage this environment of healthier eating for the people…”

This conversation is part 1 of a four part series published on the AsiaTech Podcast platform where I am now a guest host.

As well as:

  • A look at innovation and entrepreneurship in the food industry.
  • Feed camp 2018 the first step to make Singapore the food start-up.
  • The need for a paradigm shift in food production in the way food is delivered, made, and the way waste is dealt with.
  • Virginia Cha’s role as the former entrepreneur professor in residence at Platform E we’ll help to create a framework to stimulate innovative thinking for prototypes and products at Feed Camp 2018
  • Patrina Lim’s role is as the technical expert and sees her role as being a nutritionist and food scientist from the Temasek Polytechnic is to develop meals and food manufacture systems that will provide healthy eating for Singaporeans hobby of eating
  • The different types of collaboration international and domestic.
  • The benefits Feed Camp 2018 will bring to create an ecosystem at Platform E.
  • The Feed Camp / Boot Camp held on a Thursday night, Friday night and all day Saturday to bring new concepts of food and the experience.
  • What Hershey recent acquisition of pirate brands means to the food industry.
  • Feed camp 2018 idea for conceptual prototypes and people in the food science space meet the needs of an increase of vegetarians in Asia by 140% and the interest in China.
  • Patrina’s passion as a nutritionist and food scientist to see the creation new food from inception to the shelf to satisfy the future needs of people and solve the major food issues.
  • Patrina’s participation in a recent conference on food with industry partners manufacturers, restaurateurs that examined potential new food sources.
  • Who is involved in making new plant-protein based foods tasty and where demand is coming from and the effects on the food industry.
  • Who’s mind needs to be changed and the challenges
  • Local examples of Singaporean startups that are leading the way.
  • The NDA that stops the mention of the major food company that will attend to find out what are the innovations and experience what is happening.
  • Patrina’s experience of working with large companies verses startups, where each excels and are there any preferences.
  • Find out the importance that Platform E and Singapore places on food innovation and the plans for April 2019.
  • The qualifications that Singapore; the abundance of F&B outlets, described as foodie nation and a trusted brand.
  • How a future motivated Singapore involved in the food production with Government support with provide new initiatives in food.
  • Involved in the Feed Camp 2018 ecosystem are PlatformE, Temasek Polytechnic, Innovation360 and FocusTech Ventures

Links to the FEED Camp 2018 joint initiative by

Platform E, Temasek PolytechnicInnovate360 and Focustech Ventures