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Glenn van Zutphen
Glenn van Zutphen

Glenn van Zutphen is the founder of VanMedia Group a company he founded over twelve years ago and based on his knowledge of over twenty-five years as an international journalist. The mission he chose is to guide thought leaders to significantly shape their organisation and industry by creating and communicating provocative & memorable messages across digital and traditional channels for news media interviews, conferences, and TED Talks.

Now due to the rise of social media and the rise of social selling the need for entrepreneurs to get to grips with what is happening is on the rise.

            Literally anybody can buy these days with just a few hundred dollars, maybe a little bit more depending on the type of gear you get, and then put together a podcast like this or any kind of a news story and upload it whether it’s on your own website or on Stitcher or on any number of podcast hosting sites.

In comparison in the past being an entrepreneur or business executive was a lot simpler and easier. Now the ability to communicate credibly both personally and professionally is exponentially increasing as social selling becomes more demanding.

            Generally speaking, executives don’t like to see themselves on TV, or hear themselves on the radio, or they don’t really like this idea of exposing themselves externally to whatever… whatever audience it is. So from that perspective there was a bit of hesitation on most peoples… you know the reaction.

In this conversation, which was recorded at the 1880 Members Club in Singapore we get a brief insight into the thoughts of one of the top media professional in Asia.


As well as:

  • Glenn van Zutphen’s journey from a graduate in media studies in the USA to Singapore:
  • Why and how the self confessed news junky at heart decided to step away from daily journalism and build a business of his own:
  • How much do you need to put together a podcast or news story and upload it to a website:
  • Which is more important interviewing skills or being curious?:
  • Why the process of developing a podcast requires understanding the need to figure out first, what is the voice of the podcast:
  • The requirements to become a credible source:
  • Understanding that fake news has taken on a new importance:
  • Facing the challenges of leaving a stable job to create a media company and taking a long hard look and asking the hard personal questions:
  • Running a business successfully takes longer than the 6 months it takes to getting started:
  • Using the network to reach out and let everyone know what you are in business:
  • Who has the budget to give you business large companies or SMEs
  • Training to overcome the fear of appearing in front of a camera and understanding why executives should do it:
  • The complete novice to strong communicator in 8 hours:
  • Why should an executive should have hands-on with Social Selling:
  • The arrival of the Smart Asian Leaders communicating globally in their own style:
  • Communication style: one size doesn’t fit all:
  • Personal reflections on what makes journalism and passing on the skills enjoyable:
  • The first step in the personal coaching process:
  • What needs to be achieved, how many, what are the issues?:
  • The age we live in and the communication noise, watch, read, listen and using your voice to become clear, concise, confident, hopefully even captivating:
  • A personal experience of not managing information overload well:
  • A solution to managing rabbit hole of information overload:
  • Relaxing with the family and disconnecting from the digital world:




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