EIA 048 Feed Camp 2018 Part 2

John Cheng, Aaron Wong and Wynne Peh are three participants of Feed Camp 2018 and we find out the background to their participation

The issue and what if a solution is not found stated by John from Cheng Yew Heng Candy Factory.

            “… even in FEED Camp 2018 which is really about feeding, you know a very big 9 billion population in 2050, where if we don’t come up solution right now, when we reach that stage, you know, food as a resource can be seen as a tool for war.”

Innovative ideas based on waste from Aaron Wong from SinFooTech

            “ Because I mean what we’re trying to do is that we’re taking a waste by-product and turning them into Innovative consumer products that never been seen before and they have a fair bit of commercial value as well…”

And top secrets under development from Wynne Peh also with Cheng Yew Heng Candy Factory

            “We have right now before the new office and the new labs comes up in Q1 next year. So I think we were doing good with kombucha but it’s all secret right now. We can’t reveal too much of it.”

This conversation was part 2 of a four part series published on the AsiaTech Podcast platform where I am also a guest host.

So now without further delay lets begin.

As well as:

  • John: States his role as director of Cheng Yew Heng Candy Factory a very traditional family business modernising and the creation of Innovate360
  • Aaron: States the benefit of SinFooTech being part of the Innovate 360 initiative to develop new startups that develop new foods.
  • Aaron: The creation of a new Soya alcoholic named Sachi from soya waste.
  • John: scouting for individuals and startups to join the Innovate360 program during the FEED Camp 2018
  • Wynne: states her role supporting John and Innovate360 as they move into uncharted territories in Singapores food industry
  • Wynne: Innovate360 and the creation Singapores first incubator facilities focused on food in order to produce a more sustainable food ecosystem, is the focus of FEED Camp 2018
  • John: The uncharted territory that Feed Camp 2018 will explore
  • John : adds his grand father starting the Cheng Yew Heng Candy Factory’s history in 1947 making Chinese candies and preserved fruits, trading their own raw materials in the 1990s to now being one of the bigger players in Asia in sugar, rice and flour
  • John: Along with automation and maintaining the traditional sugar based products
  • John: The Jewels was initiative started in the last 2 years ago that transformed a very traditional rock into something young and trendy
  • John: How he was called from a career in the banking industry back to the family business where he found himself as a young manager having to modernise the business
  • John: The challenges of changing processes, building trust with the employees in order to move the company in a new direction with his brothers
  • John: Entering the business with a vision to put in place systems, raise productivity, attract younger talent, talk about succession, and grow the business
  • Aaron: The gratitude towards John in passing on his fantastic experience as a mentor and partner to help develop SinFooTech as a startup in the food industry
  • Aaron: his journey from a brief corporate background in the aviation industry before joining SinFooTech was only a matter of time as his parents were entrepreneurs
  • Aaron: Why food entrepreneurship should not be overlooked
  • Aaron: Overcoming the biases associated with using waste to produce new forms of food, which are nutritious and tasty.
  • Aaron: Producing alcoholic beverages from waste soya
  • Aaron: Going from producing food in the laboratory to factory production with the help of Innovate360
  • John: How he through Innovate360 will use the new factory facilities to be the foundation of taking new foods from the laboratory to commercial production as a one-stop-shop solution for startups who are looking to scale-up.
  • John: The depth of the food startup industry in Singapore, which includes six startups at Innovate 360 since May this year and recognition as an incubator in Singapore that can support startups with funding from the government grants through Innovate360.
  • John: Innovate360 working with startups in nutrition (Eatobe) and clean meat (Shiok Meats).
  • Wynne: Hinting at things to come with the startup involved with Kombucha (Kombynation),
  • John: Building a sustainable food innovation ecosystem for startups with the partners PlatformE, FocusTechVenture as well as Temasek Poly
  • Wynne: The role she occupies, which is to find people, startups and organisations that want to get involved with innovation in the food industry and the completion posed from the hype around FinTech, banking, finance etc
  • John: Remembering that the core is food and while crypto is all the rage at the moment you can’t eat Tech
  • Aaron: How he and SinfooTech became involved with Innovate360 ecosystem created by the government agency Enterprise Singapore (ESG)
  • John: Innovate360 as an Accredited Mentor Partner, AMP that can access startup applications for a certain grants for startups that might be more scalable have better market response. The role of Enterprise Singapore (ES)
  • John: Strange or surprising sources of foods that require previous preconceptions to be ignored
  • John: Involvement in vertical farms
  • John: The need for FEED Camp 2018 being the projected 9 billion population in 2050, and the potential for war
  • John: The talk about sustainability and the need for preserving what we have right now, making it more efficient, vertical farming, urban farming, to ensure that there is enough food
  • John: Developments needed in automation in farming to ensure future generations have enough food
  • John: One of the primary motivations being the scarcity in Singapore of land that requires lots of food has to be imported and the potential threat to the food supply chain and the priority being placed on initiative like the FEED Camp 2018, which is about looking at the future
  • John: The dates the FEED Camp 2018 takes place 8th to 10th November
  • John: The first of its kind food boot camp that it’s planned to inspire people, wannabe entrepreneurs and companies to look at food issues and take the first steps to find solutions
  • Aaron: ultimately food and Maslow’s hierarchy is obviously at the base FEED Camp 2018 is a fantastic opportunity for corporates for startups, for SMEs to come together, bounce ideas off each other to tackle the issue of food shortages as well as food security
  • Wynne: meet people with a passion for food firstly and second new ideas that we can help them to incubate or to grow further into business actually that is sustainable
  • John: FEED Camp 2018 is an opportunity to disrupt, ideate and develop. A participant or entrepreneur can consider develop a business in the food industry
  • John: The opportunity for corporates to see how they can innovate and disrupt their own businesses. Bring about change and hopefully do something that can impact positively future generations.
  • The existence of the opportunity to include entrepreneurs with no background in food to participate at the FEED Camp 2018