EIA 051 The Beginners View on Podcasting

Ann Morgan is new to the world podcast production and joins Graham Brown the founder of Asia Tech Podcast and myself in our latest conversation recorded in the Asia Tech Podcast studio for the Ask Me Anything Podcast, where we discuss podcasting with a focus on Ann’s questions as she navigates the world of podcasting from a complete beginner.

“Because funnily enough I know there’s a lot, we’ve talked about a lot about confidence and just getting on with things and for me actually doing the podcasts is a step, and I’m not saying it’s not scary, finding your voice and becoming natural at it and just making improvements

Anne’s passion is growing as she develops her project and works out who and where her audience is, and with the launch phase approaching the excitement is increasing for us both all.

““You’ve literally gone Live, or you’ve started to go live. Would you… Do you think you have to do a pre, some kind of pre-thing? Do you have to be on every single social media… What’s a simple way of doing it?”

Even though Anne has a non-technical background she has in our view comfortably reached the publish stage of her podcast production journey and constructed her website.

You can contact Anne on Linkedin and her website at celibratethestory.com

As well as

  • Ann describing her journey towards being a podcast producer from nowhere to recording four episodes, one hour in the studio with four colleagues on a roundtable
  • Publishing your podcast and the next step
  • After recording the podcast, the first thing, then what do you do? The editing and the process of making it live.
  • Choosing where to publish iTunes, Spotify, the next two Google, Stitcher
  • Including music in the podcast, Royalty free or buy, outsource or commission starting out at a low price or even free and the pitfalls.
  • Free music source websites as well as get a family member to create
  • Professional production can be low cost or costly, see fiverr
  • But do you need music at all just go straight into the intro, DIY approach, or use a voice over professional again see fiverr
  • Can someone not like your podcast because there is no music?
  • Domain naming your podcast, How to choose and where do I put my podcast. Server, Soundcloud, Blubrry, Possible problems, Free, Paid options, stepped options.
  • Where to put show-notes and integration with website
  • Audio file hosting. Taking the paid option with SoundCloud, Blubrry or the free one stop option for example with Anchor which is free, but has the potential pitfall of who owns the content.
  • Designing your Cover Art: The fiverr option the low price option, the restrictions and potential pitfalls
  • Publishing on Sound Cloud and iTunes followed by how do you attract an audience and who to hustle and how.
  • The confusion of subscribe and how to overcome it.
  • What are the platform algorithms doing and how to give the podcast a boost to reach escape velocity and get reviews
  • Should you launch 1, 3 or more podcasts, publish regularly or irregularly?
  • Different approaches to podcasting: Experimenting or putting out your podcast for business reasons
  • The effect on media of noise in the content world and the need to hustle.
  • The importance of producing something that is good, but remember it has to appeal to a specific audience that is interested.
  • How to make it easy for your friends and guests to share the podcast with the example of a ATP’s live card.
  • Brief explanation of getting onto SoundCloud without a website
  • The ATP’s live card, creating a template and where to get the guests picture
  • The challenge that appears after recording: the editing.
  • Eliminating excuses to not publish and overcoming the loneliness of editing
  • Preparing for the conversation it helps with editing.
  • What happens during the conversation the challenges and how to overcome
  • How to decide when to stop the editing process.
  • What to do with Ums and Ahs.
  • Annes choice of editing software
  • Summarising: The fact that Ann’s gone from zero to completing several recordings, which will soon be publish
  • Finally sharing the links to Anne’s podcast and website