EIA 064 Ben Clark Adapting Olympic Potential to Perform

Ben Clark
Ben Clark

Ben Clark in 2010 whilst on a break from training for the London Olympics as a swimmer dove into the sea and broke his neck changing his life forever.

Despite having 75% of his body paralysed he was determined to not let it defeat him and set out to live his life to the full.

That thinking led him to Adapt To Perform which Ben started as a way to help himself and others get fit and healthy no matter their circumstances, a first of kind!

“also make sure they’ve got the right equipment and the right trainer on the door and so that if somebody comes along they’re not just “umming and ahing” what to do they are there to be like oh welcome we’ve got a we’ve got a program this guy knows how to show you around the gym tell you what you can do Etc…”

Adapt To Perform is now the world’s largest resource of adapted fitness helping over 10,000 individuals all over the world live their life to the fullest. Ben does this all through content creation via both the Adapt To Perform website and social media. Which now reaches places he didn’t expect or plan for

“but I realized quickly that it went out to multiple places in the world and it was helping people that were in very very different situations to myself despite having the same disability so they would be maybe in India Indonesia even in parts of Africa or in the Middle East ??”

This conversation is the third of a new venture with the Brunel Alumni Association (Singapore).

The format is based on Entrepreneurs in Action and we are looking to evolve it into a stand alone podcast series focused on Brunel Alumni based in Singapore

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one final thing at around five minutes 40 seconds I asked Ben about the accident, he does go into some details so if you are of a sensitive nature please skip forward to around seven minutes 45 seconds where I ask him about his recovery. Due to possible editing changes please visit the website for more accurate details

so now without further delay let’s begin

As Well As:

00:00 Introduction

02:35 Ben’s life before his accident

03:41 The event and sport Ben trained for

05:01 Was Ben the kind of athlete that needed to be pushed or did he push himself?

05:41 the accident: what happened and the effect it had after thinking his life was over

06:39 What saved his life?

07:43 After the accident and the obvious changes, rehab, the new challenges and swimming

09:31 The next swimming goal to make the Great Britain Paralympic Swimming Team 2012?

09:56 How the Stable Disability rule was missed.

11:07 The low point in around 2015?

12:57 Re-evaluation based not on role but higher values and becoming a coach?

13:30 The thought process behind becoming a coach, and success or failure?

15:41 Taking the discovery that there was an empty niche and the desire to progress with it further

17:48 Origin of the name of the company Adapt to Perform?

18:39  Funding Adapt To Perform

20:11 The biggest challenge for Adapt To Perform?

22:44 The surprise after the start of Adapt To Perform?

24:35 The future of Adapt To Perform

27:56 Ben’s and Adapt to Perform’s involvement with with Brunel University?

29:13 Posting the Bali trip on your YouTube channel?

29:59 How people can contact you?

31:09 Next episode Chris Pardey who is the Singapore Alumni Association president and Trustee of the Bali Sports Federation BSF