EIA 067 CJ Tan’s Evolution: Lessons from a Quality Assurance Director turned Realtor

CJ Tan
CJ Tan

CJ Tan is a regular member of the Brunel Alumni Association. He has extensive experience in manufacturing and quality management, including start-ups and high-volume production. He is skilled in building quality systems and ensuring the safety of employees and the environment. CJ has led initiatives to improve quality  company wide and worked closely with manufacturing partners to maintain quality standards. He actively engaged with customers to support their engineering and quality initiatives.

“It is true you know you always been treated as a bad guy in the the company a stopper in a company right and then when the quality is not right we tend to be more aggressive and stop the production from going on”

He has worked in QA for some of the biggest names in the Semiconductor industry. CJ’s last role as a quality director ended in 2016. After taking some time out he started a fresh new career as a realtor (CJ Tan, Realtor). His motto is “Customer Comes First”.

“semiconductor Manufacturing in Singapore there is less and less uh jobs or rather demand for the kind of skill set that I have you know there are jobs out in the market but outside for the kind of skill set that I have”

CJ Tan is the second in this series to have graduated from the Henley Brunel MBA Program.

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