EIA 066 Stanley Mak: A Multilingual Marketer in Singapore

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Stanley Mak

Stanley Mak is a regular member of the Brunel Alumni Association Experienced entrepreneur with a rich history of working in the marketing and communications industry. Skilled in Inbound Marketing, Digital Marketing and Integrated Marketing Communications. With an MBA from the Henley Brunel MBA Program.

Originally from Hong Kong he moved with his then employer to Singapore in 1986. Eventually the desire to build his marketing own company took over. Today he leads iSmart Communications. He has successful navigated the innovations that have radically changed marketing and has an insatiable appetite for innovations to come.

“and then in the second and third year the business really boomed then I said wow Hallelujah never look back then during the.com boom period I I saw the opportunity of the internet”

He was also Vice-president of the Hong Kong – Singapore Business Association. He was the original president of the Henley Brunel MBA Alumni Association which which has now been renamed to the Henley Alumni Association and no longer affiliated to Brunel University.

 “some people even say that why don’t you become president forever I said no no no I don’t want I’m not Lee Kuan Yew I don’t want to be become a president for life”

His outside interests include being a keen language learner based on his professional languages use and recreational travel.

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