EIA 071 Morten Damgaard Andersen “Leadership Perspectives: Navigating Multicultural Environments

Morten Damgaard Andersen
Morten Damgaard Andersen

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Morten Damgaard Andersen talks on “Leadership Perspectives: Navigating Multicultural Environments,” in this podcast and also available as a video podcast Morten as a seasoned leader shares insights on emotional intelligence, effective communication, and cultural competence in diverse workplaces.

In this episode, we explore how self-awareness contributes to a leader’s emotional intelligence. Morten has over 25 years of experience in Asia’s dynamic business landscape, and emphasises the importance of understanding one’s own emotions, strengths, and weaknesses to make informed decisions and empathise with others.

Delving deeper, he adds the potential drawbacks of overemphasising emotional intelligence and how leaders can balance competing priorities without succumbing to procrastination. Our guest’s practical approach involves committing to action and engaging in open dialogue with peers and team members.

Next, Morten examines the role of cultural competence in managing diverse behaviours. He emphasises the need to understand cultural norms and communication styles to foster effective collaboration across multicultural teams.

Moving forward, we explore the key components of a leadership style that resonates with team members in multicultural environments. From having a clear vision and effective communication to setting non-negotiable behaviours and demonstrating authenticity, Morten shares invaluable insights on inspiring and empowering teams to achieve success.

Join us for an enriching conversation that delves into the nuances of leadership in multicultural settings. Subscribe now at “AsiaBizStories.com: Entrepreneurs in Action” via audio only or on Google video podcast for actionable strategies and thought-provoking discussions with seasoned leaders.

00:00 Introduction
00:54 How does self-awareness contribute to a leader’s emotional intelligence?
02:59 So based on that are there any potential drawbacks or challenges associated with an overemphasis on emotional intelligence and leadership?
08:54 In what situations can adapting to diverse behaviours lead to a more effective communication? Can you give us and example of situations?
10:54 How do you avoid making excuses that allow you to avoid making decisions and taking actions?
14:05 So what role does cultural competence play in understanding and managing diverse behaviours?
20:20 What are the key components of a leadership style that resonates with team members, considering multiculturalism?
26:51 Contact details on LinkedIn Morten Damgaard Andersen