EIA 070 Goh Sok Koon Insights: Unveils the Role of a Company Secretary

Goh Sok Koon
Goh Sok Koon

Goh Sok Koon is a company secretary a vital role in any business in Singapore. I am fortunate to have met her as she has been extremely helpful to me in getting my business up and running. Even before that, I was trying to get her to appear here on this podcast. By her own admission she has been reluctant, preferring like many people to work diligently in the background of the many businesses that she is a part of. But as a business founder of her own, specifically Lioness Corporate Services, and additionally as she plays a more active role in business groups she is a member of she now feels ready and the need to appear on her first podcast.

As well as:

  • Goh Sok Koon introduces herself as a company secretary for Lioness Corporate Services with over five years of experience.
  • Describes the importance and main role of a company secretary for a businesses in Singapore.
  • Qualifications required to become a company secretary depend on whether one is an accountant or a lawyer, with a usual completion time of two to three years.
  • The route taken to become a professionally qualified company secretary in Singapore
  • Reasons for moving to Singapore and the impact it had on her career.
  • Changes that need to be kept up with in order to be a successful company secretary in Singapore.
  • What are the additional important areas that need to be understood beyond the core duties of a company secretary.
  • Key advice entrepreneurs need before starting a business.
  • What makes a good company secretary.
  • Goh Sok Koon hopes for her business in the future.
  • The extended role of reminding directors and CEOs of their obligations and providing guidance and support.
  • The benefits of  Business Development Society, a supportive networking group focused on learning and sharing experiences.
  • How her experience and knowledge gained as a business owner help her assist others, especially foreigners, in starting businesses in Singapore.
  • The enjoyment from her job demonstrates how in depth Sok Koon is willing to go to help people understand the process of starting a business and providing guidance along the way.

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