EIA 069 Neville J McKenzie on Volleyball, Teamwork, and the Podcasters Entrepreneurial Mindset

Neville J McKenzie
Neville J McKenzie

Neville J McKenzie the usual host of AsiaBizStories Entrepreneurs in Action is asked the questions by Chris Pardey the lead of the Brunel Alumni Association, Singapore .

Neville grew up in London. At school he wanted to be a scientist but became a Radar Test Engineer after gaining an HND in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. He then moved into the world of Information Technology Systems as a Field Engineer, before leaving work to study a degree in Computer Studies with Business Studies. Up until this point he played volleyball first as a junior international and then as a senior international for the England. After graduating He worked for 10 months before the Dot-Com crises forced him out of work in October 2001. In February 2002 he was teaching in China where I remained for over fourteen and half years before moving to Singapore in 2016 where he now resides.

As well as:

  • Discussion of the cultural differences between China and Singapore and the personal difference of becoming an entrepreneur in China.
  • The hopes and dreams for the future in Singapore.
  • Neville talks about his involvement with the Brunel Alumni Association in Singapore and how it helps him network and connect with people who have a common connection.
  • Neville explains his podcasting journey, how he started in 2014 in China, and how it is evolving into a business.
  • Helping the Brunel Alumni Association, Singapore to win the Alumni Association Award of the Year by committing to podcasts, has now led to being nominated for the International Alumni of the Year award.
  • The events in the decision to pursue a degree after seeing an education shop while driving leading to acceptance to study Computer Studies with Business Studies from 1997 to 2000 at Brunel University.
  • Neville talks about his experience playing volleyball for England, coaching, and the impact it had on his career as an engineer.
    Insights into his start and end in coaching in China but none in Singapore.

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Show Notes:

Title: Asia Biz Stories: Entrepreneurs in Action (Partnered with the Brunel Alumni Association Singapore)
Host: Chris Pardey
Guest: Neville J McKenzie

Introduction: [0:00:00 – 0:03:45]

– Neville J McKenzie introduces himself as the guest on the podcast.
– Mentions his background growing up in London, pursuing a career in engineering, and later transitioning to Information Technology systems.
– Talks about his experience playing volleyball for England and his move to China in 2002 to teach.

Living and Working in Singapore as an Entrepreneur: [0:03:45 – 0:09:20]

– Neville discusses the cultural change he experienced after moving to China and how he enjoyed the teaching and learning opportunities there.
– Compares his life in China to his life in Singapore, stating that Singapore feels like a combination of Shanghai and the UK for him.
– Shares his perspective on Singapore being a favourable place for starting a business and entrepreneurship but personally finding China more suitable for individualistic endeavours.
– Talks about his unconventional education path and how it shaped his entrepreneurial journey.

Hopes and Dreams for the Future: [0:09:20 – 0:14:40]

– Neville expresses his desire to stay in Singapore and mentions that going back to the UK doesn’t appeal to him.
– Discusses the challenges of networking and making friends in Singapore compared to China.
– Highlights the importance of the Brunel Alumni Association in providing a common connection and affinity among members.
– Mentions specific conversations with Stanley, CJ, Kelly, and Lawrence, sharing his curiosity and interest in their journeys.

Contribution to the Brunel Alumni Association: [0:14:40 – 0:17:10]

– Chris acknowledges Neville’s contribution to the association through his podcasting work.
– Mentions Neville’s involvement in the Asia Biz Stories podcast, which has covered 68 stories so far.
– Notes that Neville is the 69th podcast guest and discusses the impact of his involvement on the association’s recognition.

Podcasting Journey and Impact: [0:17:10 – 0:23:30]

– Neville shares his journey into podcasting, starting as a hobby in 2014 and gradually realizing its potential as a business venture.
– Talks about the work he has done for the Brunel Alumni Association and expresses his hope that winning the International Alumni of the Year award would validate his efforts and help his podcasting business.

Getting into Brunel University: [0:23:30 – 0:26:45]

– Neville narrates how he stumbled upon the idea of pursuing a degree at a later age and applied to various universities.
– Shares his surprise at being accepted by every university except one, but after explaining his situation, he received acceptance from Brunel.
– Explains his decision to choose Brunel due to its reputation as an excellent engineering university.

Volleyball and Sports: [0:26:45 – 0:30:15]

– Neville discusses his passion for volleyball and how he started playing at a young age.
– Talks about playing for the England national team from 1981 to 1990 and the lessons he learned about teamwork and dedication.
– Mentions his coaching experience in youth centres and Dulwich College in the UK.

Conclusion: [0:30:15 – 0:31:50]

– Chris expresses gratitude to Neville for his podcasting work with the Brunel Alumni Association.
– Acknowledges Neville’s nomination for the International Alumni of the Year award and discusses the potential impact on his podcasting business.
– Thanks Neville for his contributions and concludes the interview.