The Beginning

I have never done this before so the challenge was how to begin.

It turned out that the beginning after I decided that I was going to do it was to ask the right person. “If I do some audio interviews for you will you be interested in using them on your website and app?”.

The response was “Yes and I will help find you entrepreneurs that you can interview”.

And so began what is now AsiaBizStories.

I still have a long way to go: sound, workflow, improving the website etc. With four interviews online and another about to go online next week, I feel pretty good now.

The important lessons I have learned from the entrepreneurs I have interviewed already are:

  • Create your minimal viable product (MVP). The reason why the site is so bare at the moment.
  • Don’t listen to anyone that is negative on the idea. Why I haven’t waited longer than now.
  • Listen to people that have a positive spin on the idea and can give suggestions on how to improve it. Why I have started.
  • There will be times when you feel bad about what you are doing. Doesn’t last long.
  • You will feel super good about what you are doing. Lasts longer than the previous.

Thanks to Max at

Others have helped along the way and they will get a mention.


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