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Nick Moritz
Nick Moritz

Nick Moritz is the founder Wolfpack Response Limited, Shanghai (上海狼群信息技术有限公司). He is an entrepreneur from Detroit Michigan, United States and graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in communication. After graduating he moved to Chicago for a couple of years where he worked as an IT salesman for CDW a large third-party reseller of IT equipment. There he learned about supplying enterprise equipment for IT infrastructure. Significantly, since he was a child he has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. At nine years old he had a paper round and worked throughout high school and university.

He first came to China in 2010 during the depths of the financial crisis in the United States to work as a teacher,

His drive to search for ways to improve his students’ education and his failure to convince his bosses of the benefits of his idea led him to getting involved in the start-up community in Shanghai. After entering a start-up weekend in July 2014 with a version of his tool and a business proposal and then winning second place he quit his job and founded WolfPack Response Limited, Shanghai.

He has ensured that his business is built on a solid base by involving a well know mentor Dean Merritt who led him through the WFOE registration process and other important business building processes in China, which also secures his Chinese visa as a business founder and helps him to be fully focused on driving his business forward.

The challenge of finding the correct message that can convince people that the service he offers is one that can enhance an audience experience. His biggest regret is that he didn’t buy fifty clickers and get them into peoples hands so they could test them out earlier and see how audience engagement is improved. He has secured partnerships with a Chinese manufacture called SunVote after being turned down by US companies that didn’t see the benefits of entering the Chinese market.

Also discussed:

  • The value of the experience learned by being a teacher
  • Communication and being concise with language
  • Participating in the start-up community and its events with your idea to get feedback on its feasibility
  • Obtaining a mentor, its importance and ensuring that you are taken seriously
  • Being well informed by reading from various sources
  • Understanding what the challenges are that the business face and overcome them
  • Knowing what your core business is and explaining how it benefits its target customers
  • Applying correct and legal practices to enable a focus on building the business
  • Seeking out the right strategic partner to create mutual benefit through barter exchange
  • Creating your own videos using freely available software applications
  • Using the benefit working with you brings to others as a negotiation tactics
  • Knowing your character and how it relates to others and what you bring to any interactions


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