EIA 025 Introduction to WordPress to Improve Business

Mark Linkedin
Mark Kay

Mark Kay is the CEO and Founder of MJ Creative Ventures, a company that specialises in providing mobile friendly, SEO optimised websites for Small Business owners and nonprofits.

This is the first in a series of podcasts to help small business owners improve their websites in order

  • Reason why a business have a website.
  • Advantages of having a webpage over a Facebook page and Linkedin page
  • Solutions for a business with zero budget.
  • The suitability for WordPress as a solution
  • Skill level for a professional looking page from 0 to 100%
  • The next step to improve the website to develop the business
  • ¬†What is SEO and how to improve your Google ranking?
  • The three big mistakes made by novices,¬†images, widgets and cheap hosting account.
  • Where to start as a business.

And finally: if you have any questions you’d like Mark to answer send them to the comments and suggestion.




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