EIA 028 Pastor Trained Music Teacher Trying F&B

Daryl Saw

Daryl Saw is the CEO of the Stewords Riverboat a food and beverage facility that caters for 100 diners as well as having a bar for 150, which is located at the Marina South Pier in Singapore.


“A large portion of the young people want to start their own cafes… but they are not aware of the sustainability and the amount of hours of hard work that goes into it.”

During the conversation he touches on the following:

  • His introduction to F&B without having a formal education
  • Surprising legal requirements for boats and cooking in Singapore
  • His own personal touch for building his network
  • Social networks, Instagram vs Facebook
  • Wine tasting qualifications, corporate, birthday and running events and eating as much as you can
  • The limit reached as a young F&B CEO and the work and the sacrifice required
  • Look ahead into the future for business
  • His understanding of the pros and cons of the restaurants location and its special features
  • The gamble his father took when the family bought the business
  • Knowing his limit and a warning to others that wish to follow him



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