EIA 040 User Experience: It’s More than Just Looks

Wilson Chew
Wilson Chew

Wilson Chew is a User Experience designer with a varied background that revolves around the power of the story. He is also a Co-Founder and Content Strategist of REASSEMBLE, a start-up, which came into existence in March 2018. In previous roles Wilson has worked as a digital marketer and charity fundraising coordinator, Where he made use of stories to influence and change behaviours of the target audience.

Now he approaches stories from a different angle when helping entrepreneurs and SMEs to develop their user application interfaces. He believes every user has a story, built from their needs, frustrations, behaviours and ways of thinking. His job is to create digital designs that cater to users’ stories and resonate with them.

“I think that when people hear that we’re a user experience design agency They think we’re just there to, again we’re just there to make things look really nice. Which we can do, but then we tell them that we’re not hear to make things look nice…”

During our conversation Wilson reveals the fundamentals of User Experience Design, its purpose and the benefits it brings when carried out correctly.

So now without further delay

As well as:

  • Explaining the role a user experience designer plays is the development of a product
  • The architects of the computer interface
  • From nice to
  • The role Don Norman plays in the UX design world
  • The movie app as a case study, film and snacks
  • The role that “User Needs” play in the design
  • Don Norman and the door knob, link to the digital and physical world and the Hawaiian missile alert
  • Where UX Design is managed well and considered normal and where knowledge and enthusiasm fail due to the drive to make things pretty and nice.
  • The difficulties to be overcome to get UX Design to be accepted by entrepreneurs.
  • The percentage of work that can be saved by coders
  • The difference is rising costs to errors in the design, coding and post launch phases
  • How to reduce 75% disappointment for app purchasers
  • Should you release a minimum viable product and the pushback it is receiving?
  • Degree in international relations to Digital marketing in London to an Anti-slavery charity then back to singapore with a Children’s Charity.
  • From marketing to user research and finally UX Design
  • Teaching
  • Is coding ability necessary and is it an advantage or disadvantage in UX design
  • The biggest challenge in UX design and persuasion
  • The research that goes into the construction of the wire frame.
  • The role that Contextual Enquire, User Interviews, Usability Testing play
  • Off the peg apps and solutions leading to how do we know that it is good
  • The benefits of Quantitive data and UX Design which is looking at the Why.
  • How to UX design can help reduce the bounce rate for peg apps and Template Shops such as Shopify