EIA 039 Comfortable, Affordable and Eco-Friendly Electric Vehicles

Christie Fernandez
Christie Fernandez

Christie Fernandez is an Entrepreneur on a mission to create a positive impact in clean transportation & energy in the emerging markets of the ASEAN region, Indian subcontinent, Africa & South America. Christie is the Founder of  Sooorya EV, which is headquartered in Singapore and is focused on providing affordable, comfortable & eco-friendly transportation. What’s unique is that Sooorya is redefining how automobiles are designed, manufactured and sold, with a strong focus on sustainability, profitability and societal impact.

At first Christie tried this with his idea.

“It’s kind of stuck with me. I tried giving it away but it didn’t happen”

During our conversation, Christie reveals his motivations behind the idea of creating his startup, his vision of how it can help farmers in rural communities by harvesting solar energy, and how he tried to give it away.

As well as:

  • The goal of last mile connectivity
  • Affordable, comfortable and eco friendly transportation
  • The regions of the world where this technology is needed.
  • How the countryside can produce a sustainable source of electrical energy using swappable batteries
  • Energy production as a handicraft opportunity for farmers to earn additional income.
  • The contrast with the big automobile manufactures that focus on speed, range and fast charging and the need in rural communities for low cost affordable transportation
  • The business model mix of large and small.
  • The
  • The uniqueness of his idea and what is required for the cost to come down.
  • Incorporating the IKEA business model
  • Frugal Engineering and how the
  • Incorporating the Apple manufacturing business model and transferring ideas from the mobile phone industry
  • Changing the car industry
  • Moving around the Asian Region and the reason for choosing Singapore a a base for operation and HQ
  • Legal protection and holding on to your IP.
  • personal impression of Singapore
  • The timetable to production of an affordable car launch and location
  • His background in IT, Marketing and the factors that encouraged the switch to the auto industry
  • The influence conversations with colleagues from the farming communities of India and he can help to expand the take-up of electric cars and his vision of the future.
  • His reluctance to be seen as the Elon Musk of the affordable electric car