EIA 008 Vision, Plan and Passion


Simon Henry gives a detailed look behind the scene at Juwai.com, an award winning online platform. His first startup after seven startups for others after he and his cofounder identified a blue ocean opportunity in the Chinese real estate industry that is being executed exactly and according to the business plan.

Show notes

1. Introduction: (0:00 – 3:11)
– Overview of the podcast episode and introduction of Simon Henry, the guest

2. Building a Startup: (3:11 – 6:15)
– Challenges and benefits of starting a business
– The all-encompassing nature of entrepreneurship
– Balancing personal life and business commitments

3. Structuring the Business: (6:15 – 9:31)
– Two startups created within the business
– Serving international customers and Chinese consumers
– Balancing supply and demand in the real estate market

4. Competition and Market Penetration: (9:31 – 13:07)
– Differentiating from marketing competitors and real competitors
– Superficial plays versus a comprehensive offline approach
– Education and information as a strength for the business

5. Role of the Entrepreneur: (13:07 – 15:23)
– Personal experiences and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs
– The all-consuming nature of entrepreneurship
– Persistence, belief, and sacrifices required for success

6. Importance of Co-founders: (15:23 – 19:19)
– The significance of having co-founders in a startup
– Trust, complementary skills, and shared vision
– Scaling ambitions and the need for support in a growing business

7. Finding Good People: (19:19 – 22:54)
– Referral-based hiring and reputation
– The value of attitude over skills in building a team
– Identifying candidates with the right company DNA

8. Luck and Opportunity: (22:54 – 27:49)
– Exploring the role of luck and identifying opportunities
– Leveraging personal risk and capital in entrepreneurship

9. Hard Work and Success: (27:49 – 31:44)
– Discussing the importance of hard work and perseverance
– Striking a balance between work responsibilities and personal life

10. Conclusion: (31:44 – 33:50)
– Recap of key insights and experiences shared
– Final thoughts on the entrepreneurial journey


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