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Kevin Chen

Kevin Chen reveals how his lead in the recent HackYiZu 2015, which is a Techyizu-style Hackathon held in Shanghai held over two days for people with a passion for technology, entrepreneurship, and social innovation. Where the teams of men and women, experienced and non-experienced created hardware solutions to fun problems. He explained how full-training was given to the non-experienced on the Ardrino, the electronic brain of the projects, and laser cutting, for the creation of physical objects, which allows entrepreneurs to create minimal viable products.


Show Notes

Sub Title: Techizu Hackathon 2015: Empowering Entrepreneurs through Hardware Innovation

Introduction: [00:00 – 03:06]

  • The episode features an interview with Kevin Chen, a key member of Techizu, a Shanghai-based organization supporting the startup and tech community.
  • Kevin discusses the recent Hakizu 2015 hackathon, a two-day event focused on technology, entrepreneurship, and social innovation.

Main Points:

  1. Overview of Techizu and Hakizu: [03:07 – 05:33]
    • Techizu is a volunteer-driven organization that organizes events for technology and entrepreneurship enthusiasts in Shanghai.
    • Hakizu is an annual hackathon organized by Techizu, providing a platform for individuals to collaborate on hardware innovation projects.
    • The event aims to bring together people with different levels of experience, from beginners to experienced professionals.
  2. Purpose and Benefits of the Hackathon: [05:34 – 08:40]
    • The hackathon encourages participants to work on hardware-related projects and learn about technologies such as Arduino and laser cutting.
    • It offers an opportunity for beginners to gain hands-on experience and learn from experienced mentors.
    • Participants can explore their creativity, develop problem-solving skills, and create functional prototypes.
  3. Introduction to Arduino and Open Source Hardware: [08:41 – 11:29]
    • Arduino is a microcontroller board widely used in electronics projects and the core component of many innovations.
    • It provides a simple and user-friendly programming language, making it accessible to beginners.
    • Arduino’s open-source nature allows for a wide range of projects and fosters a supportive community of makers.
  4. Inclusivity and Diversity in the Hackathon: [11:30 – 15:01]
    • The hackathon welcomes participants with varying levels of experience, from complete beginners to experienced individuals.
    • Women are encouraged to participate and contribute to the maker movement and hardware innovation.
    • The hacker space, Cintogen, where the hackathon takes place, is open to everyone interested in making and learning.
  5. Future Plans and Techizu’s Other Events: [15:02 – 19:08]
    • Techizu plans to continue organizing hackathons on a yearly basis, providing opportunities for more hardware innovation projects.
    • They also organize other events like Bar Camp, a technology unconference, and events focused on UX design and lean startup principles.
    • All Techizu events are free, supported by sponsors, and aimed at building a stronger entrepreneurial ecosystem in Shanghai.

Conclusion: [19:09 – 19:47]

  • Techizu’s hackathon, Hakizu 2015, showcased the potential of hardware innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Participants had the opportunity to learn and collaborate on projects, regardless of their experience level.
  • The hackathon aimed to empower individuals to create innovative solutions using tools like Arduino and laser cutting.
  • Techizu’s inclusive and supportive community fosters creativity and encourages diverse participation in the maker movement.

Outro: [19:48 – 21:11]

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  • Asia Biz Stories thanks Kevin Chen and Techizu for sharing insights into the hackathon and their efforts to support entrepreneurs in action.
  • The episode concludes, inviting listeners to join the next episode of Asia Biz Stories, focusing on entrepreneurs and their journeys.

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