EIA 010 The Maker at the Xinfab Fablab

Lucio Pentagna
Lucio Pentagna

Lucio Pentagna explains how after a career as a company director he left his native Brazil and sailed around the Caribbean and to Europe. He then moved to Shanghai where he discovered his passion for making things and proceeded to set up XinFab, which enables the Shanghai community of makers, inventors, startups and entrepreneurs access to cutting-edge fabrication tools and technologies, which includes 3D printers and laser cutters, at the lowest cost possible, so that every man, woman and child with a project idea and the will power to see it through can make their ideas and prototypes into reality.


Show Notes: Episode 10 – Lucio Pentagna and Shin Fab: Empowering Makers in Shanghai

– Introduction (0:00 – 1:36)
– Host Neville J McKenzie introduces the podcast and its focus on entrepreneurs in action.
– The podcast is part of the entrepreneurization website founded by Max Henry.
– Listeners are encouraged to visit the website and leave comments or suggestions.

– Part 1: Journey to Shanghai (1:36 – 5:24)
– Lucio Pentagna, founder of Shin Fab, an independently run Fab Lab in Shanghai, is the guest for today’s episode.
– Lucio shares his background and journey from Brazil to China, including his sailing adventure through the Caribbean and Europe.
– His passion for making things and learning Chinese led him to Shanghai.

– Part 2: Shin Fab and Digital Fabrication (5:24 – 9:16)
– Lucio explains the concept of Shin Fab as a Fab Lab, based on MIT’s concept of digital fabrication.
– Shin Fab provides access to cutting-edge digital fabrication tools and technologies for the Shanghai community.
– He emphasizes the importance of hands-on learning and the satisfaction of bringing ideas to life through physical objects.

– Part 3: Empowering Entrepreneurs (9:16 – 12:38)
– Lucio discusses how Shin Fab serves as a space for entrepreneurs to create prototypes and small production batches.
– The Fab Lab eliminates the need for significant capital investment by providing access to machines like 3D printers, CNC, and laser cutters.
– Lucio highlights the collaborative nature of the Fab Lab and the support entrepreneurs can find within the community.

– Conclusion (12:38 – 14:17)
– Lucio shares how to get in touch with Shin Fab through their website and email.
– Host Neville J McKenzie expresses gratitude to Lucio and plans to stay connected.
– The episode concludes with an overview of Lucio’s journey and the mission of Shin Fab to empower individuals to turn their ideas and prototypes into reality.

– Podcast outro (14:17 – 16:17)
– Neville J McKenzie thanks the listeners for tuning in to Asia Biz Stories – Entrepreneurs in Action.
– Listeners are encouraged to subscribe to the podcast and visit the asiabizstories.com website for more information and resources on taking inspiration and turning it into action.
– The episode ends with a thank you message.


That concludes Episode 10 of Asia Biz Stories – Entrepreneurs in Action featuring Lucio Pentagna and his inspiring work with Shin Fab in Shanghai. Join us for the next episode as we continue to explore the journeys and experiences of entrepreneurs in Asia.

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