EIA 003 Green and Inspired

Michelle Yeh

Michelle Yeh, a health & beauty industry expert and green lifestyle advocate, as the founder and CEO explains the motivation behind GREEN & Gorgeous, formerly known as myLOHAS beauty – China’s first natural healthy beauty& lifestyle company, how being green doesn’t mean you have to compromise on beauty, a vision for online commerce, how to evaluate the advice given by others and finishes with her own advice to just starting out entrepreneurs.

Show Notes

Introduction: [00:00.0 – 00:02.7]

  • Introduction of Michelle, founder and CEO of Mylo House.

Discussion Topics:

  1. Poor Performers in the Company: [00:02.7 – 02:31.1]
  • Poor performers can negatively impact the company and their attitude may spread.
  • Rarely able to converse with mediocre to high performers; poor performers dominate.
  • Poor attitude is a primary reason for firing, rather than solely poor performance.
  • Willingness to learn is crucial, as the CEO used to be an English teacher and values teachability.
  1. Firing Employees for Attitude: [02:31.1 – 05:14.2]
  • Attitude is hard to change; it’s a significant factor in termination.
  • CEO is patient and willing to teach if employees are willing to learn.
  • Bad attitude affects the overall mood of the team.
  • Firing is more about attitude than poor performance.
  1. Seeking and Selecting Advice: [05:14.2 – 09:53.3]
  • Many people like to give advice, but it’s essential to select who to listen to.
  • As an entrepreneur, self-doubt is common, so be cautious about who influences your mood.
  • Seek advice from people who have “been there, done that” and have valuable insights.
  • People who have taken risks are a significant source of inspiration and advice.
  1. Sources of Inspiration: [09:53.3 – 13:20.8]
  • Inspiration comes from TV interviews, articles, and individuals making a positive impact.
  • People who take risks and try to make a difference are a source of inspiration.
  • Even small acts of kindness, like rescuing an injured animal, can be inspiring.
  • Those who can make a difference in the world are worth listening to.
  1. Evolving Attitude towards Business: [13:20.8 – 19:00.5]
  • There are multiple ways to make money, but choosing something you’re passionate about is crucial.
  • Passion and belief in the mission make it easier to overcome challenges and rejections.
  • Building a brand with integrity is essential for long-term satisfaction.
  • Happiness and fulfillment can come from making a meaningful impact, regardless of financial success.
  1. Future Plans for the Business: [19:00.5 – 23:39.9]
  • Transforming the business by revamping the website and making it more user-friendly.
  • Physical stores will focus on hosting events to engage and educate customers.
  • A specific event mentioned: “Organic Makeover Event” before the holiday season.
  • Continual adaptation and resource management are necessary for success in a changing market.

Conclusion: [23:39.9 – 25:43.6]

  • Gratitude expressed to Michelle for sharing her insights.
  • Encouragement for listeners to subscribe and visit the website for more information.

Outro: [25:43.6 – 26:56.9]

  • Closing remarks by the host, Neville J McKenzie.
  • Invitation to join the next episode of Asia Biz Stories – Entrepreneurs in Action.

Please note that the time codes provided are approximate and based on the duration mentioned in the transcript.

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