Marketing, Effort & Success

The marketing presentation I attended yesterday was very interesting. The attendees ranged from one person operations to large multinationals. The presenters represented the digital marketing industry.

I left with the following thoughts:

  • Marketing can be expensive or it can be cheap.
  • The more you understand and learn to do as a startup the better.
  • You have to find out what will work for you at the time.
  • There are definitely no guarantees on success.

The tools exist to get you a long way to getting your product or service out to the market. For example, yesterday my podcast was added to iTunes and today I installed my newsletter sign up on the website: You can see it on the right or below depending on the size of the device you are using. It is the basic functioning version. I took a quick look into the settings and it can be improved on.

It does take a bit of effort but in the end it is worth it.

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