EIA 005 Mobile Hotel Booking Challenges

Raphael Cohen

Raphael Cohen is an entrepreneur that specialises in the development, implementation and support of new internet companies in Asia. In this episode he gives insights into the challenges faced when creating a startup in the Hotel Booking industry and gives advice to just starting out entrepreneurs.

Show Notes:

Introduction: (00:00.0 – 00:01.9)

  • The host introduces the episode and the guest, Rafael Cohen, founder of HotelCricketty.
  • Mentions the focus on challenges faced in the Asian hotel booking industry and advice for entrepreneurs.

Discussion on market challenges: (00:02.0 – 05:27.2)

  • Rafael discusses the difficulties faced by startups in the market.
  • Talks about being shut down and threatened by larger players in the industry.
  • Highlights the intense competition and how it affected their market entry.
  • Mentions the gradual improvement in the industry over the past few months.

Advice for entrepreneurs: (05:27.3 – 10:34.7)

  • Rafael shares advice for budding entrepreneurs.
  • Emphasizes the importance of focusing on building the company and gaining traction.
  • Recommends finding the right people, keeping them motivated, and growing the business.
  • Suggests prioritizing building the product and generating traction before engaging in fundraising or support activities.

Listening to customers and continuous improvement: (10:34.8 – 16:10.7)

  • Rafael emphasizes the value of listening to customers and learning from their feedback.
  • Mentions meeting face-to-face with customers and gathering their insights.
  • Talks about analyzing data to improve the product and the conversion funnel.
  • Encourages entrepreneurs to constantly learn and improve on a daily basis.

Conclusion and contact information: (16:10.8 – 23:57.8)

  • The host thanks Rafael for the interview and his insights.
  • Expresses interest in following Rafael’s progress in the industry.
  • Rafael shares his contact information for those who want to get in touch.
  • Host wraps up the episode, encourages listeners to subscribe, and mentions the website for more information.

Closing: (23:57.9 – 24:29.7)

  • The host concludes the episode and thanks the audience for listening.
  • Invites them to subscribe and visit the website for more content.
  • Gives a preview of upcoming episodes and signs off.

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