EIA 006 Motivating by Example



Karen Contet
Karen Contet

Karen Contet discusses her role in two startups that motivates and encourages others by her example, ’Women Who Code HK and W Hub’, insights into what it takes to switch industries and career path, her approach to maintaining a rich balance to all aspects of life, and advice to just starting out entrepreneurs.

Show Notes:

Introduction: (0:01 – 0:43)

  • Neville J McKenzie introduces the podcast and the guest, Karen Contet
  • Mentions the purpose of the podcast and encourages listeners to visit the website and leave comments

Background and Startups: (0:46 – 2:24)

  • Karen Farzam introduces herself as the co-founder of W Hub and Women Who Code Hong Kong
  • Talks about the purpose of W Hub as a startup profile-driven platform showcasing startups and helping them find synergy with other startups
  • Discusses the challenges and growth of the tech startup scene in Hong Kong over the past five years
  • Shares her motivation for transitioning from a career in finance to the startup ecosystem

Teaching and Events: (2:25 – 3:34)

  • Karen talks about teaching front-end web development at General Assembly
  • Mentions organising events and job fairs to bridge the gap between startups and talent
  • Highlights the importance of showcasing startup missions and values to attract the right talent
  • Discusses her involvement in Women Who Code and their efforts to encourage more women to join the tech industry

Learning to Code and Balance: (3:36 – 6:01)

  • Karen shares her journey of learning to code and building the W Hub website
  • Talks about the logical nature of coding and the supportive coding community
  • Discusses the importance of work-life balance and the challenges of being an entrepreneur with a family
  • Mentions the need to unplug and the role of sports in achieving balance

Starting a Startup and Advice: (6:03 – 8:19)

  • Karen talks about the importance of having a supportive co-founder and listening to different perspectives
  • Shares her experience of facing skepticism and the need to prove doubters wrong
  • Emphasises the value of hard work, connecting with the right people, and leveraging word-of
  • mouth for startup success
  • Gives advice to aspiring entrepreneurs to challenge their ideas, focus on execution, and launch their Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Expansion and Contact: (8:21 – 17:09)

  • Karen discusses the expansion plans of W Hub to other countries in Asia
  • Mentions the importance of having local people to understand country-specific challenges
  • Talks about attracting people to be involved through networking, media presence, and word-of-mouth
  • Provides her contact information and encourages people to get in touch

Conclusion: (17:12 – 18:57)

  • Neville J McKenzie thanks Karen for the interview and wishes her success
  • Mentions the website and encourages listeners to visit for more information
  • Ends with closing remarks and outro music

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