First Presentation of the Project

Evergreen 1

Today I was lucky enough to be invited to present to a local company Evergreen Holding Group.

They were interested in what I am doing with entrepreneur interviews.

They wanted the answer to five questions

Q: Why I decide to do interviews?

A: Because now one else is doing it.

Q: How to select interviewees?

A: Entrepreneurs that are willing to tell other entrepreneurs their experiences and offer advice

Q: What is the biggest challenge?

A: Learning how to use the different platforms.

Q: What do interviewees have in common?

A: For example they are all generous, friendly, helpful, resourceful, determined, positive and more

Q: What types of character makes an entrepreneur?

A: Anyone that wants to make a difference.

I created a keynote presentation, The Beginning, of nine slides. The total presentation lasted just over two hours with questions and answers.

The experience was very enjoyable.


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