Creatures of Habit

Today I attended the Shanghai Entrepreneurs Luncheon. This is a regularly organised monthly event I have been attending for over a year and eventually gave rise to what I am doing now.

This one was different because a lot fewer people attended.

Why was this?

Lee Lam, the invited speaker: gave lots of useful and good anecdotes, the food was described as delicious and authentic Vietnamese by many of the attendees and it was organised in the same manner as all previous.

The reason, based on my previous experiences, was the venue, Cyclo, was different.

This reminded me of how much we crave habits and routine even amongst entrepreneurs. One of the attendees introduced himself by mentioning that the idea for his logo business came about as he was researching his idea for a trading company, which he immediately abandoned.

In conclusion allowing some routines to be broken can lead to some positive surprises.

I will be interviewing Lee Lam in the future so you will get a glimpse of what he has to offer, but not the food.

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