Don’t Stress Over Things You Cannot Control

My interviews are carried out face to face and until I get to the location I don’t know what the environment will be like.

Since my equipment is fairly basic the sound quality is not as good as I like it to be. I am working ways to improve this.

This week I attempted to do a recording at a trade show so the environment was even more challenging. I found a room that was empty and started recording. A few minutes after the interview started a couple a people entered. Both my interviewee and I informed them that we were recording They acknowledge this and went quiet. Two to three minutes later they started talking and making noise and we asked them to be quiet again. They went quiet again for a couple of minutes they started to talk and make noise again. This was repeated several more times. Finally we abandoned the interview and rescheduled for the next day. However the next day I was unable to complete it as the interviewee was unavailable.

Throughout the whole process I felt OK as I remembered “Don’t stress over the things you cannot control.”

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