EIA 001 Building Your Startup

Stone Shi
Stone Shi

Stone Shi explains, how he sees himself and the motivation behind his startup ‘BonApp’ formerly ‘IndulgeSmart’. The keys vital to success and the criteria used to select both investors and partners. An approach to relaxation that he applies and instills in his colleagues, and advice he gives to someone just starting.

Title: Introduction and Background (00:00.5, 01:24.7)

  • Introduction to the podcast and its purpose
  • Mention of the Entrepreneurs Asia website and its founder, Max Henry
  • Explanation of the inspiration behind the podcast: sharing the experiences and ideas of entrepreneurs in Asia
  • Announcement of the availability of the podcast on various platforms
  • Invitation to visit the asiabestories.com website and leave comments or suggestions

Title: Overview of Asia Biz Stories (01:24.7, 01:45.5)

  • Invitation to embark on a journey of excitement and experience with Asia Biz Stories
  • Promise to feature entrepreneurs who have successfully created businesses in various industries and locations across Asia
  • Emphasis on finding inspiration and turning it into action
  • Introduction of the host, Neville J McKenzie

Title: Interview with Stone Sure (01:48.3, 02:41.8)

  • Brief background of Stone Sure, including his education and work experience
  • Introduction to his new venture, Indulge Smart
  • Description of the vision behind Indulge Smart, personalised restaurant recommendations based on individual profiles and dining history

Title: Stone Sure’s Response on Explaining His Work (02:41.8, 03:53.8)

  • Stone Sure’s response to how he explains his work to different people based on their background
  • Explanation of providing personalised restaurant recommendations for residential expats, foreign travellers, and locals
  • Focus on going beyond traditional platforms like Dianping or TripAdvisor

Title: Stone Sure’s Motivation and Mindset (05:01.8, 06:07.6)

  • Stone Sure’s emphasis on determination and understanding oneself as key to success
  • Importance of staying focused and determined despite doubts and challenges
  • Decision to decline investors solely interested in providing funding, seeking investors with expertise and resources

Title: Stone Sure’s Approach to Building a Team (07:18.1, 09:50.5)

  • Describing team members as business partners rather than employees
  • Five characteristics Stone Sure looks for in potential team members: problem solver, accountability, driven, sociable, and smart
  • Emphasis on a flat hierarchy and creating a collaborative, fun work environment

Title: Balancing Work and Relaxation (12:42.7, 14:09.5)

  • Highlighting the importance of work-life balance for Stone Sure and his team
  • Weekend breaks from the office to allow time for strategic thinking and reflection
  • Mention of personal interests, such as CrossFit, and the positive impact on overall well-being

Title: Preparation and Continuous Improvement (14:09.5, 19:07.0)

  • The significance of self-awareness and understanding one’s strengths and goals as preparation for entrepreneurship
  • The value of an MBA in providing a different perspective and analytical frameworks
  • Stone Sure’s focus on constantly improving himself and his leadership qualities
  • Encouragement for aspiring entrepreneurs to take action and start with a prototype rather than waiting for a perfect idea

Title: Conclusion and Well Wishes (19:13.9, 20:03.2)

  • Acknowledgment of Stone Sure’s personal growth as his company grows
  • Wishing Stone Shi all the best in his entrepreneurial journey
  • Invitation to subscribe to the podcast and visit the asiabizstories.com website for more information and inspiration

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